Attending Artists

We will be adding new artists as they are approved and all paperwork is completed.  

Artists interested in attending Tattoo The Lou click the button for the application.

Josh Ellis

Artist Josh Ellis

Kadee Spangler

Artist Kadee Spangler

Jordan Genigeski

Artist Jordan Genigeski

Joshua Vaughn

Artist Joshua Vaughn

Gabe Uvario

Artist Gabe Uvario

Mike Flores

Artist Mike Flores

Christina Duncan

Artist Christina Duncan

Skyler Burnham

Artist Skyler Burnham

Edson Gutierrez

Artist Edson Gutierrez

Gerardo Alonso

Artist Gerardo Alonso

Chris Leon

Artist Chris Leon

Ken Een

Artist Ken Een

Jared Bent

Artist Jared Bent

Travis Brown

Artist Travis Brown

Cat Orozco

Artist Cat Orozco

Stephen Janusz

Artist Stephen Janusz

Bob Jones

Artist Bob Jones

Wade Rogers

Artist Wade Rogers

Audie Fulfer

Devan Piccolo

Artist Devan Piccolo

Dave Koenig

Artist Dave Koenig

Jayme Goodwin

Artist Jayme Goodwin

Rick Meggison

Artist Rick Meggison

Aarika Hash

Artist Aarika Hash

Thea Lionetto

Artist Thea Lionetto

Marqui Watling

Artist Marqui Watling

Mahagany Shaw

Artist Mahagany Shaw

Joshua Griswold

Artist Joshua Griswold

Kaelin Moser-Viteri

Artist Kaelin Moser-Viteri

Bernard Edmonds

Artist Bernard Edmonds

Leah Goodlett

Artist Leah Goodlett

Raul Ugarte

Artist Raul Ugarte

Jesse Prewitt

Artist Jesse Prewitt

Martin Reyes

Artist Martin Reyes

Megan Franklin

Artist Megan Franklin

Thaddeus Katras

Artist Thaddeus Katras

Anthony Angelicola

Artist Anthony Angelicola

Blaise Locasio

Artist Blaise Locasio

Aarron Sprague

Artist Aarron Sprague

Connor Alderman

Artist Connor Alderman

Kyle Zizik

Artist Kyle Zizik

Ricky Gutierrez

Artist Ricky Gutierrez

Evan Perrine

Artist Evan Perrine

Heather Brown

Artist Heather Brown

Mikey Ruck

Artist Mikey Ruck

Bob Bitner

Artist Bob Bitner

Ashley Emerson

Artist Ashley Emerson

Richard Ilcken

Artist Richard Ilcken

Ceci Hernandez

Artist Ceci Hernandez

Brian Chambers

Artist Brian Chambers

Jordan Isaacson

Artist Jordan Isaacson

Chuck Day

Artist Chuck Day

Gifford Kasen

Artist Gifford Kasen

Trevor Collis

Artist Trevor Collis

David Belanger

Artist David Belanger

Ruben Sanchez

Artist Ruben Sanchez

Mitch Baer

Artist Mitch Baer

Thom Rein

Artist Thom Rein

Chris Hedlund

Artist Chris Hedlund

Caleb Ledley

Artist Caleb Ledley

Tiffany Sardina

Artist Tiffany Sardina

David Groth

Artist David Groth

Tim Stafford

Artist Tim Stafford

Mark Richards

Artist Mark Richards

Josh Herman

Artist Josh Herman

Adam Antunano

Artist Adam Antunano

Chris Beardsley

Artist Chris Beardsley

CM Rutledge

Artist CM Rutledge

Robin Snyder

Artist Robin Snyder

Mike DuBois

Artist Mike DuBois

Michael McGough

Artist Michael Mcgough

Trevor Burtz

Artist Trevor Burtz

Squire Strahan

Artist Squire Strahan

Tony Putt

Artist Tony Putt

Danny Hernandez

Artist Danny Hernandez

Jennifer Edge

Artist Jennifer Edge

Chris Sullivan

Artist Chris Sullivan

Greg Puzon

Artist Greg Puzon

Josh Green

Artist Josh Green

Jocelyn Shapiro

Artist Jocelyn Shapiro

Jon Leighton

Artist Jon Leighton

Oliva Bransom

Artist Oliva Bransom

Kyle Hisey

Artist Kyle Hise

Mike Vasquez

Artist Mike Vasquez

Jessie Rae Brennan

Artist Jessie Rae Brennan

Nick Keiser

Artist Nick Keiser

Brittany Mater

Artist Brittany Mater

Kelly Bunde

Artist Kelly Bunde

Megan Hoogland

Artist Megan Hoogland

Jeff Naumann

Artist Jeff Naumann

Rachael Lare

Artist Rachael Lare

Travis Browning

Artist Travis Browning

Alyssa McNall

Artist Alyssa Mcnall

Brooke Sutter

Artist Brooke Sutter

Chad Newsom

Artist Chad Newsom

Noah Morris

Artist Noah Morris

Travis Chick

Artist Travis Chick

Alex Hall

Artist Alex Hall

Jeff Barnard

Artist Jeff Barnard

Caitlyn Campbell

Artist Caitlyn Campbell

Marvin Silva

Artist Marvin Silva

K Lenore Siner

Artist K Lenore Siner

Adrian Lazo

Artist Adrian Lazo

Thomas Deleon

Artist Thomas Deleon

Brian French

Artist Brian French

Jason Vogt

Artist Jason Vogt

Joshua Ruff

Artist Joshua Ruff

Ty Pallotta

Artist Ty Pallotta

Robyn Pallotta

Artist Robyn Pallotta

Joe Melin

Artist Joe Melin

Jake Meeks


Kel Tait

Artist Kel Tait

Pedro Gamez

Artist Pedro Gamez

Chris Parker

Artist Chris Parker

Jason Elliott

Artist Jason Elliott

Jess Cavazos

Artist Jess Cavazos

David Hershman

Kara Klenk

Artist Kara Klenk

Matthew Stebly

Koty Nyman

Artist Koty Nyman

Paul Marino

Artist Paul Marino

Vinnie Pernice

Artist Vinnie Pernice

Cam Sevigne

Artist Cam Sevigne

Jes Strickler

Artist Jes Strickler

Tyler Nolan

Artist Tyler Nolan

Jerika Stewart

Artist Jerika Stewart

Thomas Richards

Artist Thomas Richards

George Perham

Artist George Perham

Raquel Cude

Artist Raquel Cude

Steve Cacioppo

Artist Steve Cacioppo

Alex Balionis

Artist Alex Balionis

Timothy Kern

Artist Timothy Kern

Dylan Jones

Artist Dylan Jones

Kali Farrell

Artist Kali Farrell

Shaun Flinn

Artist Shaun Flinn

Cole Armstrong

Artist Cole Armstrong

Brad Dozier

Artist Brad Dozier

Nick Sarich

Artist Nick Sarich

Michael Czajowski

Artist Michael Czajowski

Peter Whitlow

Artist Peter Whitlow

Alexandria Barrett

Artist Alexandria Barrett

Jay Borg

Artist Jay Borg

Kendall Borg

Artist Kendall Borg

John Engfors

Artist John Engfors

Red Du Monde

Artist Red Du Monde

Cody Bader

Artist Cody Bader

Brandi Bruce

Artist Brandi Bruce

Earl Funk

Artist Earl Funk

Steven Roberts

Artist Steven Roberts

Derek Jennings

Artist Derek Jennings

Trevor Rochette

Artist Trevor Rochette

Guillermo Martin

Artist Guillermo Martin

Jack Carlton

Artist Jack Carlton

Sydney Beene

Artist Sydney Beene

Jason Taylor

Artist Jason Taylor

Jon Highland

Artist Jon Highland

Evan Olin

Artist Evan Olin

Jeffrey Steffens

Artist Jeffrey Steffens

Betsy Butler

Artist Betsy Butler