About Tattoo The Lou


When is Tattoo The Lou?

May 15 • 16 • 17, 2020

What are the Hours?

Friday: 2pm – 9pm
Saturday: 11pm – 8pm
Sunday: 11pm – 7pm

Welcome to the Third Annual

Tattoo The Lou Convention

Welcome to the third annual Tattoo The Lou Convention held at Union Station in Downtown St Louis!

Tattoo The Lou is a cross section of the best in the tattoo industry. A local show with talent from all over the globe. Styles ranging from Traditional to Realism, Script, Black and Gray, and New School. All these artists tattooing under one roof! Over 100 booths and more than 100 attending artists, this event is one you can’t miss!

St Louis “The Gateway to the West” is rich in tattoo history, housing one of Bert Grimm’s original shop sites. The city’s pivotal location made it ideal for tattooing because it was a destination for soldiers who were stationed at the army base in Lemay Ferry and riverboat sailors on both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

After years of traveling and meeting thousands of artists around the world, LT Woods, a native Missourian, wanted to introduce his city to some of the world renowned artists he met along the way. In 2018, our first show exceeded all expectations. With about 1700 people in attendance and a line around the building on Friday, we could not have been more pleased with the turn-out. It was the incredibly talented artists that participated last year that drew those crowds out. Without you, there would be no Tattoo The Lou!

Additionally, our sponsors deserve a lot of credit for making 2018 go so smoothly. Thank you all for helping support and promote this event! Our Artist Lounge sponsors Barrel Brands far surpassed all expectations and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful. Finally, a deep debt of gratitude is owed to Laura and LT’s family and friends who traveled from all over to volunteer their time and efforts to make Tattoo The Lou the incredible success that it was!

Come to the 2020 Tattoo The Lou to get tattooed, take part in activities, and enjoy some incredible entertainment with us! If you see any of the attending artists you would like to get tattooed by, it’s a good idea to book with your artist in advance, you can do that by clicking the attending artists studio link. Be sure to reserve your room at the beautiful Union Station Hotel to take advantage of room rate discounts, discount availability is limited!